Camping is a great way to connect with mother nature, but there are still some necessities you need to consider for your campsite. Fresh water may be hard to come across while camping. Streams and lakes could have harmful bacteria, hoses are not approved for safe drinking, and a campground may not have a lot of water available for sale.
No matter what types of campsites you spend your summers at, there are ways to have access to fresh water out in the wilderness, especially if you’re planning an extended trip.

Tent Sites

If you are using just a tent and some accessories for your summer camping, then you are really roughing it out there in the woods. To help stay replenished while you camp in a tent, consider having gallons jugs of water delivered to your campsite. Water jugs are easier handle in a tent situation, and some water companies deliver on a weekly basis to ensure you have the proper supply.
Gallons of water are ideal for filling up canteens or insulated bottles, and each gallon will last for several servings. The heavy jugs can be left on picnic tables in other shady areas.
Once you are done with the gallon jug, the jugs are easier to recycle smaller packs of water bottles, which is great for outdoor living. You have less waste to get rid of and can easily crush down the plastic for transport in your vehicle.

Trailers & RVs

Trailers and RVs have a lot more living space than a tent, but there is still limited availability when it comes to storing different forms of bottled water.
The refreshing taste of cold water is typically preferred over room temperature water. And thankfully, many RVs and trailers come equipped with mini-fridges. While these spaces are typically too small to hold a gallon of water, the doors and shelves will generally have enough room for 20oz bottles of water.
During the day, grab a bottle and enjoy the cold water. When larges deliveries of bottled water comes, keep the extra bottles in a storage compartment on the RV and then refill the fridge as needed so you always have access to the fresh bottled water.
After your initial order, you will have a good idea for how much water you typically consume and how much you need to order. For example, a person may drink three bottles a day. Multiply the number of bottles by the amount of people at your campsite to calculate the daily amount of bottles needed. From there, a water company helps place the properly sized number.


Staying at a cabin for the summer offers luxury while you camp. A cabin feels like a vacation home as you enjoy nature, spend time outdoors, and get away from your everyday life.
Cabins are also one of the roomiest options for camping. Many cabins have multiple rooms and a larger kitchen area. Along with a full-sized fridge, there is a lot of counter-space and ways to move around.
The water options for summer camps greatly expand with the use of a cabin. One option to consider are large water jugs. Water jugs offer instant access, are filled with gallons of water, and supply fresh tastes.
No room is wasted in your fridge on bottles, and the dispensers have a number of different features to consider. For example, you can get a dispenser with both hot and cold water options. Hot water may be used for tea, coffee, and meals.
Set up your ideal water delivery plan with us at Water Transport. We can deliver to your site at the beginning of the camp season or make multiple stops as the summer ticks by. Either way, you will enjoy the fresh water options.


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